Coming Soon: A New, Simplified URL Structure for Transifex

UPDATED 3 August 2015: The new URL structure is now live.

Early next week, we’ll be releasing a new URL structure for Transifex. This update will make navigating around easier, and you’ll be able to quickly tell which Organization or Project you’re in. There’s nothing you need to do for now, but we recommend that you read on for the details.

The current URL structure

Let’s say we have an Organization named “We love our Users”. It has a project called “Transifex Rocks” and a resource named “My Resource”. Here’s how you’d navigate to each page with the current URL structure:

Organization Dashboard:
Project page:              
Resource page:          

As you can see, it’s not exactly easy to tell which Organization a Project belongs to just by looking at the URL. So we simplified things!

The new URL structure

With the new, simplified URL structure, here’s how things will look:

Organization Dashboard:
Project page:               
Resource page:           

Slowly, we see a pattern take shape:

All URLs in Transifex will follow the paradigm above. It’ll make it easier for you to understand which Organization, Project and/or Resource page you’re visiting at any given time.

(Slugs are the unique names we use within Transifex to identify individual entities such as Organizations, Projects and Resources.)

What about the API?

None of the changes will affect the API, so there’s nothing you need to do or change.

What about existing bookmarks and links?

Existing URLs will be redirected to the new URLs through the 31st of January 2016.

In order to keep our code base clean and not have it slow down our development speed, we won’t be supporting the redirects beyond that point. But until then, your bookmarks and other links are safe, and there won’t be any broken links.

We still recommend you update the links in your bookmark manager and those pointing from your website to your Transifex project page as soon as possible. This gets rid of the redirect, making pages load faster each time you or someone else clicks on a link to Transifex.

Thank you for taking the time to read through everything. Have a great day!

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