A New Dashboard Experience

Dimitris Glezos
January 22, 2014
2 min read

The dashboard is an important part of the Transifex experience, showing you key metrics about your projects’ progress and activity. So we set out to make it more useful while simplifying navigation within Transifex.

Dashboard navigation panel

When you visit your dashboard, you’ll see in the left navigation panel a new “All projects” tab above the list of your projects. Selecting “All projects” will show you the summary information of all the projects in your organization, including overall progress, total number of strings, number of contributors, activity, and progress by language.

Dashboard navigation panel

To see information on a project level, simply click on a project name in the left navigation panel. Once in the project-level view, you’ll find buttons near the top right of the dashboard that link to your resources page, project details, and the translation editor. Clicking the “Project details” button will lead you back to the familiar project details page (/project/p/foo/) where you can make announcements and manage project settings.

Dashboard buttons

Below the activity graph, there’s a new section showing the languages your project is being translated into. The languages are sorted by progress and include a count of untranslated strings, so you immediately know how much work is left and which languages need more attention. The up/down arrows at the top right let you cycle through the list of all your target languages.

Dashboard language widget

This section has the same information you would find in your project detail page, except you won’t have to navigate back to the dashboard each time you want to see another project detail page. And when you click on a language, such as French, it takes you straight to the translation editor with that particular language pre-selected.

One more thing… the dashboard, along with the rest of Transifex, is responsive now, working beautifully across different screen sizes. We hope you like it!

P.S. Feel free to leave your thoughts about the new dashboard in the comments below.

Dimitris Glezos
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