Introducing Team Managers

Introducing Team Managers
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May 24, 2014
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A few weeks ago we launched Teams, a major update which centralized the organization and management of your collaborators in Transifex. This allowed you to create independent translation teams and reuse them across any number of projects.

Today we’re introducing a new role in each team: Team Managers. These users have responsibility over the team, along with all its languages and members. This is especially useful when managing large organizations with many collaborators.

Team Managers have the privileges of translators and reviewers. Additionally, they can:

  • Add / delete languages in a team
  • Add / delete projects the team manages
  • Approve / deny requests to join the team
  • Approve / deny requests for new languages
  • Invite people to the team
  • Change the roles of the members within the team (including assigning users as coordinators)

If you’re curious about user roles in Transifex, you can read more in our documentation.

Organization administrators and existing Team Managers can add new Managers. To do so, visit the Teams tab in your Organization Dashboard and click on the Gear icon next to a team. There, you can put in the e-mail address or username of the person you want to invite/add as a manager.

Team Managers

Use Cases

  • When crowdsourcing translations, org admins are often overwhelmed by the number of requests to join a team or add new languages. Using Team Managers can help distribute the load among more people.
  • If you want your project maintainers to be able to add new languages to their projects, simply add them as team managers. Problem solved!

Give Team Managers a try and leave your comments here or at our lovely support center. 🙂


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