Taggin' it and lovin' it

April 22, 2013
1 min read

Friday’s updates brought another feature to our beloved translation editor: tags.

You can now tag the entries of your files from within the editor, either one by one…

Translation editor tags

…or many together:

And you can search for entries by tags:

Of course, you can combine the tag filter with the rest of the filters, so that, for instance, you can look only for strings that have a specific tag and contain a specific phrase.

There are many use cases for tags in the editor:

  • You can group entries according to where they are used in the source code or the feature they are for. For instance, all marketing-related entries could be tagged accordingly, so that your translators know to pay extra attention to how they translate them.
  • You can give priorities to entries.
  • They can work as a basic workflow tool. The project managers can tag specific entries and ask their translators and reviewers to work on them.

Make sure to read more in the docs and let us know of ways this could be even more useful.

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