New version of the Transifex client has been released

May 22, 2013
2 min read

Good news everyone. We just released the version 0.9 of the client with a couple of new features and a security fix. The changes in the new version are:

  • Verify SSL certificates. Even though the client opened an encrypted connection
    to the server, it did not validate the certificate used. As a result, the
    client was open to MITM attacks. The newversion will always validate the certificate first and refuse to connect to the server if there is a problem with it.
  • Add support for soft links in UNIX systems. You can now use soft links in your
    project directories. This would be useful in cases where you have a large
    project and you would prefer to assign the localization files to multiple
    Transifex projects.
  • Add support for local .transifexrc files. You can now have a .transifexrc
    file in your project directory. The entries in the file will override the ones
    from the main one. This would be useful in cases you would prefer to use a
    different set of credentials for a project than the ones you use for the rest
    of your projects in Transifex.
  • Make the client more friendly to users in Windows. The .tx/config file now
    supports forward slashes for the paths in Windows, in accordance to what UNIX
    uses. As a result, people can now share a .tx/config irrespective of whether
    they use a UNIX-based system (like Linux and Mac OS X) or Windows.

Every user is encouraged to upgrade to the new version.

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