Meet Our New Partner, Gengo

February 5, 2013
1 min read

Transifex is a great way to manage your content and internationalization files. But a lot of people have asked us where they can find translators.

We like the team at Gengo and share a similar belief that with the help of technology, companies can go global more easily and in a less painful way. So we partnered with them and their worldwide network of 7,500+ translators.

Starting today, you’ll be able to order translations from within Transifex. Once you pick the language(s) you want to have your app translated to (there are 31 to choose from!), the content will be automatically sent to their translators. Before you know it, the completed translations will appear right inside your project in Transifex. To say the least, it’s a bit magical!

Order Gengo translations

Transifex will continue to manage your content while Gengo’s translators speedily bring you high quality translations. What’s not to like?

If you’re interested, you can access the translation order form in your dashboard on Transifex and place your first order for projects you own.

Happy localizing!

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