Marilena Papageorgiou is a Transifexian

Mike Giannakopoulos
October 3, 2013
1 min read

We are happy to be adding Marilena to our growing team.

Marilena first heard of Transifex when she was a third-year engineering student and got fascinated by the idea of crowdsourcing translations. After graduating last November, she interned at another Greek company and now here she is, eager to add her knowledge, effort, and personality to Transifex.

For her, engineering was an idea that perpetually grew stronger in her mind as she realized the importance of creating, giving solutions, and building tools that impact the world and transform society. She enjoys writing Python, Javascript, playing around with Django, and discovering fancy new technologies, frameworks and languages. And she absolutely loves the freedom that Ubuntu offers and subsequently all the open trades that facilitate a passionate, collaborative community.

When she switches context, she usually escapes into books, movies, the world of writing, or just to the mountains.

Mike Giannakopoulos

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