Cool Community Projects on Transifex: Internet Freedom Edition

Mike Giannakopoulos
December 2, 2013
2 min read

Every so often, we highlight great community translation projects on Transifex. This time around, we want to share with you four projects that help support human rights and promote inclusive access to global communications networks.

They impact the lives of many people worldwide, so chip in and lend a hand if you can!


Martus logoMartus is a tool used across the globe by human rights workers, attorneys, journalists, and others to securely document human rights abuses.

Recently, Martus released an Android application to allow observers to document abuses without needing a desktop computer.

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Lantern logoLantern is a peer-to-peer internet censorship circumvention software to give or get access to internet in places where access is censored.

By running Lantern, every user with uncensored internet access can now become an access point for those without, providing gateways to sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others that are widely blocked.

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Commotion ProjectCommotion uses mobile phones, computers, and other wireless devices to create decentralized mesh networks and connect these devices directly to each other without going through a centralized point.

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Psiphon logoPsiphon provides a suite of network software aimed at preserving security, privacy, and access to content.

All Psiphon software is open source and designed to circumvent politically-motivated Internet censorship in countries where such censorship is extra-legally enforced.

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P.S. You can discover more internet freedom-related projects here.

Mike Giannakopoulos

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