Changes in Notification Emails

April 4, 2013
2 min read

Today a new update was rolled out that affects the notifications Transifex produces. The goal was to make notifications much more useful to the users.

The first change is that notification emails have been grouped into well-defined categories, as you can see in the following screenshot. This makes it far easier to identify exactly the categories of notifications you are interested in receiving emails for and enable just those.

In addition, all emails have been revisited with respect to how clear their message was and how easy it was to react to those notifications. We tried to make sure the messages are now precise and have all the necessary information and links to Transifex for you to take an action on. In case an email was redundant, it was dropped.

Another feature of the new notifications is that Transifex now sets the List-ID header based on the project the email is for. This allows for email clients to identify all emails that are related to a certain project and group them accordingly.

Under the hood, there was a complete rewrite of the code responsible for the notifications. We now use a library that implements the observer pattern (no, not django signals), which allows us to generate notifications under more precise conditions — no more multiple emails on the same subject.

We have received in the past a few complaints about the notifications Transifex produces. We hope this update fixes those issues, although more changes are coming. In any case, let us know for any improvements or new types of notifications you might need.


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