Changes in How Following Projects in Transifex Works

April 5, 2013
2 min read

A new update in Transifex has been rolled out that affects how users can follow the updates of projects.

One of the features of Transifex translators find really useful is to get notified whenever there is more work to be done. Be it volunteers that want to see their favorite project translated as soon as possible or professional translators that have deadlines to meet, it is important to know when there is new content to be translated.

With the latest update we tried to make this feature much more useful to translators and overcome the limitations of the previous system.

If you want to receive updates for changes in the files of a project, you have to watch it. Every project has a link in its main page for that.

Moreover, you can choose to watch a specific language a project is translated in. The relevant link is in the main language page of the project. Keep in mind that it is not possible to watch a language for a project that does not employ teams for the translations. This is a change compared to how the feature worked before, where you were only able to watch the updates for a specific file in a specific language.

In the notification settings, you can find a list of the projects you are watching

Currently, you will receive updates whenever a new file has been added to the project, a file has been updated or a file has been deleted. You can find more in the documentation.

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