How Localization Helped ConcertWith.Me Grow

Mike Giannakopoulos
November 5, 2013
3 min read

ConcertWith.me is a Russian startup providing concert-goers with a simple web app that answers two questions: “Who are the artists playing near me?” and “Who will go to this concert with me?”

Built for the casual concert-goer, it differentiates itself by keeping the focus on the music and adding a social element, while cutting out the noise in concert listings.


We invited Vit Myshlaev, one of the co-founders, to share about why they localized their app and the results they’ve seen so far.

The Beginnings

When we launched ConcertWith.me in June 2013, it was only available in Russian and English. As users started inviting friends from outside our home country of Russia, we expanded our concert database to cover all of Europe.

At the same time, we decided to build localized versions of the app and provide support for users who don’t know Russian or speak English as their first language. This also gives us a competitive advantage when most of our competitors were only in English.

Which Languages to Support?

Using two awesome tools together, we figured out which languages to target first. Intercom.io showed us a map of where our users are coming from:

And Google Analytics showed us the top visitor languages:

Additionally, we researched English language penetration in European countries:

English language penetration

It was clear from the data that we should support Serbian, Spanish, Czech, Portuguese, French, Italian, Polish, and German.

As a small team with only my co-founder and I, we don’t have the extra time or human resources to manage translations, so we turned to Transifex as the solution to get our translation project up and running immediately.

Launching the App in New Languages

After uploading our UX and email strings to Transifex, we invited users from each target country to join our translator community. (Tip: It’s useful to provide step-by-step instructions for your translators and reviewers.)

Many agreed to help and in just two days, we got our first new language: Serbian. Spanish, Czech, and German followed soon after. We were ecstatic.

The initial results have impressed too:

  • Average page views per visit increased from 1.5 to 2.3. (ConcertWith.Me is a one page app with very few pages to load, so this is a big leap.)
  • Average time on website jumped from 58 seconds to 3 mins and 40 seconds for Serbian users, a 279% increase.
  • Our Serbian ad campaign converted visitors to users 50% better.
  • In Belgrad, Serbia’s capital, average friends per user is now at 2.1, which compares well with 2.3 in Moscow, our home town.

Get Started Early

As a final takeaway, I’d say that it’s key for startups to be global from the start. Yes, you have a never-ending to-do list. But localization is well worth the effort. And with tools like Transifex, localizing your product is more achievable and simpler than you might imagine.

Want to help? You can get involved with the ConcertWith.Me project on Transifex.

Mike Giannakopoulos

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