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Eventbrite: Bringing the World Together Through Live Events

Eventbrite recently crossed $2 billion (!) in ticket sales for event organizers, with 25% of that processed in just the last 6 months.

Eventbrite localization

How did they reach this incredible milestone? To quote TNW:

The company attributes its growth to two areas of its focus: international expansion and category growth. With the former, Eventbrite believes its localized service in 14 countries and in seven languages plays an important part. Of course, now that it has acquired Eventioz and Lanyrd, Eventbrite will be able to add access to South America and the UK among its accomplishments in the global market.

We sat down with Patrick McLoughlin, their Senior Localization Program Manager, and chatted with him about Eventbrite’s path to international expansion and how they use Transifex to localize their products.

Check out their story.

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