A more collaborative translation experience

A more collaborative translation experience
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June 18, 2013
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Dear Transifexians,

Have you ever wished, as a translator, to report an issue with a specific piece of text you were asked to translate? Perhaps you were hoping that the UI string that said “manual” came with some kind of explanation telling you whether this was referring to the instructions on how to use the product or whether it was referring to a process that had to be done by hand?

Introducing string level discussions

Today, we’re launching a “comments” feature in Transifex’s translation editor which allows you to report issues directly from the editor, notify a developer or a translator about them, and attach screenshots to a particular string for everyone. Here’s how it works:

Translator comments

If you’re working on translating a piece of text, and want to ask a question to a developer, simply mention them in a comment, using their Transifex @username, like so:

The person you’ve mentioned will receive a notification telling them you’ve mentioned them, so they can respond immediately.

Issue tracking

If you’ve found that a particular piece of text cannot be translated in your language, because it lacks a plural form, or requires to be split in two separate sentences to deal with a different gender, you can click the open issue button to mark your comment as an issue. A developer can then resolve this issue.

Issue tracking


As a developer, the single most important thing you can do to help your translators deliver high quality content is for you to document how the text they are translating appears on the website. This can be done through screenshots. A screenshot will let people know where strings appear in your product and will remove any doubts on what the correct interpretation of “manual” is. To add a screenshot to a comment, simply paste the URL of the image file in the comment. Transifex will display it inline.

We hope to build on these new features and provide many more ways for developers and translators to collaborate. Please give us feedback and let us know how you think this feature could be improved!

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