Updates in the support of various formats

Dimitris Glezos
February 16, 2012
2 min read

The process of exporting translations was improved and allowed a more flexible way of exporting translation files. This brings two new features.

  1. Support to download only reviewed translations. This will be especially useful for projects that have reviewers and increase the quality of the translations.
  2. Support to download multiple file flavors. Depending on the format, special files can be downloaded for off-line translation process.

Among the changes of our update a couple of days ago were a couple that affect the behavior for some file formats.

The affected file formats are:

  • Apple .strings: When you download a file for translation, all empty strings will be filled in with the source strings and will be commented out.
  • .properties & Joomla .ini: When you download a file, Transifex will fill in missing translation strings with the source ones and comment them out.
  • MIF, PHP, Android resources & subtitle formats: When you download a file in order to use it, empty translations will be filled in with the source strings.
  • XHTML: Empty translations will always be filled in with source strings.

There are two issues we try to solve with the above changes. First, some formats do not fallback to the source strings, when the translation string is empty. This causes issues in the interface. Many developers tried to work around this limitation. But now, Transifex will offer a “correct” version for them to use.

Second, some formats are key-based or content-based. That is, they do not provide the source string. As a result, the translator that wishes to do the translation offline has to have the source file open, too. With the above changes, the source strings will be in the translation files as comments, where necessary, easing the offline translation process.

The upcoming release (version 0.7) of the Transifex client will support the above features through the --mode keyword.t

Dimitris Glezos

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