Update on HTML parser, file types and suggestions

Update on HTML parser, file types and suggestions
Dimitris Glezos
March 29, 2012
2 min read

Transifex got another minor update yesterday. Here’s a list of some new nifty features:

HTML Parser – Upload translated files

You can now bootstrap the localization process of your project by uploading already translated HTML files. The HTML parser has received an overhaul and now supports importing translated HTML files, assuming the files are 100% translated.

Upload strings from translated HTML file

Keep an eye on the devil lying in the details: The new version of the HTML parser will only be used for newly created resources. Resources that were handled with the old parser will be informed about the migration of their resources, until they all gradually take advantage of our new pet. =)

File types – Create and update

Carefully listening to what your needs are, we now support two more file types:

  1. Plaintext with .txt extension.
  2. Property list files with .plist extension, mostly used by Apple.

Furthermore, the Android parser now recognizes comments from developers and stores them. As a result, translators can see those comments, when translating the files through the web editor, which adds more context to the translation making their work easier. The convention Transifex follows for comments is that each comment is associated with the next translation string.

Suggestions – Visible by default

No need for extra clicks or keystrokes. From now on, suggestions are visible by default, making the life of translators a little bit easier. Keep in mind that we are already working on making it more eye-candy.

Visible suggestions

More to come. Stay tuned!

Dimitris Glezos

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