Tip: Filtering Entries in the Editor

As you might already know, in Lotte it’s possible to filter the strings appearing on the table by checking some filters available on the top of the editor, like Translated, Untranslated and Reviewed.

What you might not know is that it’s also possible to use some keywords on the text box in order to get some more limited results. The keywords currently available are:

  • file: Accepts file paths, such as file:templates/. Supported only by PO and Qt based resources.
  • before: Strings updated before a given date. (i.e.: before:2012-01-20)
  • after: Strings updated after a given date. (i.e.: after:2011-10-20)

Besides the keywords you can of course enter normal words, as well as sentences between quotes in the text box. For example, entering “account has” will bring only entries that contain the exactly sentence.

Filtering entries using translated words is also supported as shown bellow.

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