Switching to Gravatar

Switching to Gravatar
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Dimitris Glezos
April 3, 2012
2 min read

One of the personalization features Transifex offers is the support for avatars; each user is able to associate a small picture with his account, which makes it easier for other users to identify him.

Currently, there are two ways that avatars are supported: by uploading your own image when editing your profile or by using Gravatar.

However, on Thursday, April 5th, we will drop support for user-uploaded avatars and switch completely to Gravatar.

Our goal behind this decision is to make things as simple and easy as possible. We think Gravatar is a very good service; it does one thing and does it well: providing a web-friendly, globally recognized avatar for you across all the websites you visit. So, we feel that there is no point in serving custom avatars for our users anymore.

Setting a Gravatar

If you do not already have one, here is how you can set your Gravatar:

  • Go to the Gravatar signup form at https://en.gravatar.com/site/signup and enter the e-mail address you use on Transifex.
  • If you have registered in the past, a red box will tell you so. Otherwise, continue with your registration.
  • After you have activated your account, you will be able to upload an image from your computer or a URL.

If you do not want to get into that — and that is totally cool with us — Gravatar will render an Identicon for you as a fallback (this is what happens right now as well). An Identicon is a visual representation of your IP address, a digital fingerprint.

Dimitris Glezos

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