Transifex.com Update (Mar 22)

Dimitris Glezos
March 22, 2011
2 min read

A bunch of new enhancements just landed on Transifex.com. Bellow these is a list of the most relevant ones.

Lotte enhancements:

  • Better error checking for pluralized string.
  • Correct handling of string containing n.
  • Fixed “Delete Translations” feature.

General enhancements:

  • Update About link to point to the new docs at http://help.transifex.net.
  • Keep source language on top of the stats list regardless of ordering.
  • Fixed small bug when CLA is not present in access control form.
  • Fixed minor issue when deleting pluralized translations.
  • Fix for skipping obsolete entries in Qt and PO/POT files.
  • Fixed a bug with saving unpluralized strings in pluralized entries.
  • Fixed minor typo that caused template cache invalidation to fail.
  • Bug fix regarding the plural strings use in PO/POT source files. PO/POT files are designed to have English as the source language, thus it only accepts 2 plural rules.
  • Use project and resource slug in downloaded translation file.
  • Show timeline to all logged-in users.
  • Added translation instructions field on project details.
  • Display resources with no translations in the release language details page.
  • Disable pagination on team list page.
  • Fix for user messages styling using Django’s messages framework.
  • Fixed permissions for maintainers of outsourced projects.
  • Correct handling of stats creation when a project gets its access control changed. Stats for teams of the other project must be created when a project outsources its access.
  • Updated txstatsupdate management command to correctly handle outsourced projects.
  • Improved permission check in release pages for private projects.
  • Improved statements on the UI around the whole system.
  • Updated plural rules and equations of ‘ru’, ‘ga’, ‘bs’, ‘hr’, ‘sr’, ‘uk’ and similar languages.
  • Added ca_ES@valencia alias for ca@valencia. Valencia is always in Spain.
  • Removed double quotes from Croatian plural equations.
  • Updated translations
Dimitris Glezos

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