Dimitris Glezos

Transifex.com Update (Jun 7)

We just updated the servers with some enhancements that can be found bellow:

  • Qt exported files now have the flag “unfinished” for entries not yet translated;
  • Creation of stats for project using outsourced teams too, when adding a new team on the ‘parent’ project;
  • Improved speed of Release details page;
  • Improve speed on Lotte when filtering translation statuses;
  • Handle unicode file names when downloading resources;
  • Fixed cache invalidation around stats tables on access control form saving;
  • Fixed misplaced warming message on Lotte (#754);
  • Redirect user back once hitting the login page if he is already logged in;
  • Remove unneeded warning when no strings needed to be pushed on Lotte;
  • Cosmetic fix on exported PO files headers.


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