Transifex.com Update (Jun 15)

Dimitris Glezos
June 15, 2011
1 min read

In the past days we have been working hard on some features that are quite important for the MeeGo Project this week, due to its string freeze. After some extensive time testing things to make sure everything is Ok, we decided to delay this week server update by one day and that’s why we are doing it today (wednesday). 🙂

Around the enhancements that were deployed we can cite:

  • Support for tag on Qt .ts files. Now Transifex can identify strings using that tag as unique strings in a file;
  • Big performance improvements while filtering and changing pages on Lotte;
  • Some changes around Chrome 12 rendering issues on Lotte;
  • Changed the behavior of the ‘Save and Exit’ button on Lotte to do not show  the “No strings to push” message anymore.
Dimitris Glezos

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