Transifex.com Update (Jul 26)

Dimitris Glezos
July 26, 2011
1 min read

We just deployed some enhancements on our servers. From the relevant changes we could cite:

  • Added ability to delete translations using the API.
  • Validation of a string in Lotte is now based on its i18n format. It means that PO based resources have different set of checks than Qt based resources, for example.
  • Validation of newline chars in a string for PO based resources were turned into an error. Previously it was only a warning.
  • Release form now shows datetime format on validation to help users to enter datetime field values properly.
  • Improved release form validation against private data when selecting resources.
  • Chronological validation for some datetime fields for the release form were also added. The String Freeze date can’t be greater than the Release date, for example.
  • Feature to View Strings Online now shows 50 strings per page by default.
  • Fixed issue that was erroneously translating some keys of key based formats, such as Joomla .ini files.
  • Minor JS improvement on the tablesort feature of the resource details page when there is no translations available.
  • Fixed double escaping of HTML entities (i.e. > ) in plural entries of Qt .ts based resources when exporting the file.
Dimitris Glezos

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