Transifex.com Update (Feb 22)

Dimitris Glezos
February 22, 2011
1 min read

Just a head-up for today’s server update that contains the following relevant improvements:


  • Tx no longer updates the ‘last update’ field of translations if nothing has changed when the source file auto-update is enabled.
  • Changed some AJAX URL patterns to avoid problem with cross sub-domains calls being denied.
  • Forced UTF-8 encoding on exported PO files.
  • Update of some attributes, such as developer comments and occurrences, are now happening on source file updates.
  • Better ordering of the stats table on the release language page.
  • Exporting of PO files now also update the PO-Revision-Date header accordingly.
  • Transifex.net UI with more 5 languages available; Catalan (Valencian), French, Greek, Swedish and Albanian.
  • Upstream polib library version updated to 0.6.3, which fixes another regression from the 0.5.5 version.


  • Fixed duplication in the resources list on the project details page.
  • Fixed Lotte auto-save for plural fields. Now whenever the auto-save is enabled, a plural entry will only be pushed whether all or none of the plural textareas where filled in after a modification.
  • Fixed small issue with the registration when entering an invalid e-mail.
  • Fixed typos in Lotte warnings.
Dimitris Glezos

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