Transifex.com Update (February 15)

Dimitris Glezos
February 15, 2011
2 min read

Following our strategy of weekly server updates, today we just proceeded with the following relevant enhancements on the system:


  • Improved performance of server when importing large new source language files. Fuzzy matching will not take place if the changes are too big.
  • Autofetch can now handle all URL types and doesn’t depend on metadata provided by the remote end. The source files are parsed with the l10n parser associated with each resource which essentially means that all valid files will be recognized by the parser but on the downside after creating a resource you cannot change its l10n type. Quickadd still requires a URL which allows Transifex to identify either the file name or the mime type of the served file.
  • URL matching patterns used in lotte have been improved which should limit the number of false-positive warnings..
  • Updated polib to version 0.6.2 which should force correct text wrapping for all exported PO files


  • Locks on non-English versions of the site now work as they should.
  • ‘Translate Now’ button shows correctly to all users, even if the file isn’t locked.
  • Fix for PO files with logical ids to ensure that logical ids aren’t used as translation strings.
  • Fixed issue with statistics update methods.
  • Some project pages (e.g. /teams and /release/edit) for special project names and project deletions no longer raise a 404 error.
Dimitris Glezos

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