Dimitris Glezos

Transifex.com Update (Aug 30)

After a quite long period of time, more than one month, today we just had an update on our servers with some small improvements that will enhance the experience of our users at Transifex.net. Among the changes we can cite the following important ones:

  • Download for Translation link now works correctly under projects belonging to a subdomain, like http://fedora.transifex.net. The same happens with the Locking feature. Both features can be found on the action pages of each project resource.
  • The regexes of the URLs that accept language code as a parameter, now also allow language code with dots (i.e zh_TW.Big5).
  • The Klingon (tlh) language support was added to the system.
  • A left over space was removed from the zh_TW.Big5 language code.

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