Transifex.com entirely over HTTPS

Dimitris Glezos
June 21, 2011
1 min read

Caring about our users security, today we just applied a change that increases security for Transifex.net. We have made a change on our servers to redirect all HTTP requests to use the HTTPS protocol instead. This way, all requests and responses to and from www.transifex.com are from now on encrypted. This includes the cookie sent from the browser, which is quite important to avoid user account sessions to be over taken by someone else.

For now, the only exception to this are the API calls, which are allowed to use the HTTP protocol as well. This was decided, so that developers have the necessary time to make their transifex-client configuration enforce the use of HTTPS. However, this will change soon, so we encourage everyone who is using the API to change its transifex-client configuration files to use the HTTPS protocol. The same applies for other third-party applications, of course.

We also installed a brand-new SSL certificate on the plain, non-www transifex.com domain, to ensure everything is secured using trusted certificates which play well with all browsers.

10/52 : Locking4life !
Creative Commons License photo credit: Mista.Boos

Dimitris Glezos

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