Localization and Transifex on Developer Economics

Dimitris Glezos
July 19, 2011
2 min read

The latest Developer Economics report had a section on localization challenges faced by mobile platform and a mention on Transifex:

Overall, the biggest challenge, as reported by one in three developers who
address multiple regions, is that localisation is a completely manual
process. The other two major challenges reported are the cost of localisation
and the complexity of managing language packs.

Yet, neither platform vendors nor OEMs have developed frameworks that allow
developers to easily adapt their applications to different languages. We
should note that there are frameworks that facilitate crowd-sourced
of software and can be used to localise mobile applications as
well – for example Transifex.

This presents an opportunity for mobile platform vendors who want to
differentiate with developers targeting regional markets outside North
America. What’s still not certain is the shape that the app localisation
market will take. […]

For now, the future is headed towards pervasive localisation. Already,
startups have sprung up that specialise in localising social games features –
from virtual goods to the entire game – to local markets.

Developer Economics 2011 (by VisionMobile) is a rich report on mobile developers, apps and brands going mobile. “The second annual report explores both what drives developer mindshare, and how brands are fast-forwarding into the world of mobile.”

Dimitris Glezos

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