Auto-translate updates

Dimitris Glezos
December 7, 2011
2 min read

Along with yesterday’s updates there was a change regarding Transifex’s auto-translate functionality.

A few days ago, Google made their Translate service a paid one. So, Transifex can no longer provide the auto-translate functionality in Lotte automatically. Instead, project maintainers who wish to have the auto-translate functionality enabled for their projects will have to provide a valid API key. The procedure to create one with your account is simple and can be done through the Google APIs Console.

Step 1: Enable Translate API under Services.

Step 2: Under the API Access tab, create a new Browser key.

Step 3: Make sure that billing is enabled (Billing tab) and your account can be charged.

Step 4: Edit the details of your project on Transifex; select Google Translate as the Auto Translate Service and paste the API key in the Auto Translate API key field.

In addition to Google Translate, we now support Bing Translator, too. Project maintainers who prefer Bing Translator to Google Translate can select the service of their choice under the “Edit Project” tab. In a similar way to Google Translate, requests to the service will have to be authenticated using a unique Application ID (AppID). You can create your own AppID for your project at and fill the Auto Translate API Key field with the appropriate value.

It is important to note that the API key will not be visible to translators. Instead, requests are handled by Transifex’s servers, so that the key is not exposed.

Dimitris Glezos
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