Dimitris Glezos

Xfce using Transifex

In case you’ve missed it, the Xfce project has been using their own installation of Transifex to manage their translations online! Translators can now visit http://translations.xfce.org and keep up with the action!

I’ve been contributing with translations for the Brazilian Portuguese language for quite some time now, and have been a strong supporter for the Transifex project as well, so I was thrilled to learn they were “working together”! But there is a second reason why I’m mentioning this on my blog:

Turns out that Nick Schermer, maintainer for http://translations.xfce.org, is using my Transifex appliance too!!! Moreover, he chose to use the appliance built from the development branch to get the very latest bits being committed to the development branch of Transifex. It has been a win-win-win (yes, 3 times!) relationship so far for all parties involved, for:

  • Xfce gets a ready to run, batteries included, Transifex appliance with all the latest and coolest features without having to build things by hand.
  • Transifex gets tons of excellent feedback for this version still in development and work out all the kinks before the next release.
  • My appliance has also enjoyed of tons of excellent feedback and is now more robust and ready for consumption.

Some of the cool features that you can expect from the next version of Transifex (and that the over 200 registered Xfce translators are already enjoying) are:

  • Better support for Lotte, the online translations editor, and the removal of the 100-strings limitation;
  • Automatic translation suggestions within Lotte;
  • Support for translation teams;
  • New timeline history for tracking contributors, teams, and projects activities;
  • Top Translators “hit list” for your bragging rights 😉

The Transifex Appliance (developer image) has been updated almost on a daily basis, so those out there already using it can keep it updated using the web based appliance management tool or running conary updateall. As always, you can expect a stable release the very same day that Transifex releases the upcoming 0.8 version! I’d love to hear from all of you appliance users out there. Just drop me a line or a comment here and I’ll do my best to improve your experience.

Localization Best Practices for Developers

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