Transifex "Mojo" 0.9 is out!

Transifex "Mojo" 0.9 is out!
Dimitris Glezos
July 20, 2010
3 min read

We are proud to announce the newest version of our flagship Open Translation Platform, Transifex 0.9 code-named “Mojo”.

A big ‘Thank you!” to all those who made this possible, and most importantly,
to the projects and translators who trust Transifex with their translations.

What’s new in Mojo

Transifex 0.9 ships a number of new features and important bugfixes. It also
lays the groundwork for the next major release, Transifex 1.0, which will
include some huge changes (stay tuned!).

During the development of Transifex 0.9 we have closed more than 35 major
tickets and recorded 336 changesets on more than 6000 files. Here are some of
the new features shipped in Transifex 0.9:

  • A new Extension Engine allows developers to write plug-and-play ‘addons’
    which can extend or override parts of the core functionality, and improve
    extensibility, code readability and on-demand scalability.
  • Team Sharing: A project can now reuse the language teams another project,
    allowing the full support of larger, ‘umbrella’ communities like MeeGo.
  • New supported i18n directory structures, such as PO directories named by
    the locale code, the LC_MESSAGES locale standard, grouped and suffixed
    language files, and the Publican standard structure.
  • Project Widgets allow a maintainer to display the project’s translation
    statistics on a website as a simple image: perfect for embedding in wiki
    pages, Trac instances, and email.

And more:

  • Transparent file ownership with auto-locking and releasing of file locks
  • More pre-submit checks to ensure high quality and robust build processes
  • Improved handling of VCS Exceptions
  • Improved searching to find the projects you are interested in more easily

The full release notes can be found on docs.transifex.org.

Getting Transifex

Sysadmins who wish to install Transifex for their own community have a number
of ways to get their hands on the software. Tarballs and packages are available,
as well as RPM packages for Fedora, RHEL, and CentOS. Please report any bugs at http://transifex.org/newticket. Enjoy! Let a thousand languages bloom!

About Transifex

Transifex is a translation management platform specializing in community-powered localization solutions for open content. Transifex is
innovating in translation “crowd-sourcing” by making high quality, low cost,
and effective technology accessible to enterprises. Transifex has worked with
large enterprises such as Nokia, Intel, the Linux Foundation, Mozilla
Foundation and Creative Commons, to power their processes and deliver
multilingual products to tens of millions of users.

Transifex offers a number of Professional Services around Transifex and L10n,
including Support, Development, and Training Services. Sign up for a free demo and 14-day trial today to try out the Transifex platform for yourself.

Learn More About Translation Management

If you’re ready to localize but not sure where to start, download our guide to get examples of how you can start building your translation management roadmap and better understand the key elements of localization, as well as the steps for localizing your software from start to finish.


Dimitris Glezos

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