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Dimitris Glezos
February 17, 2010
1 min read

So here goes my first, perhaps the last, EXTREMELY boring blog post:

Hello everybody! I’ve been working at Transifex for a month now but I think I haven’t introduced myself properly. I am Lauri Võsandi from Estonia, currently enrolled in Estonian IT College. I’m very much interested in Free Software and broader spectrum of ideas of that kind. That’s was the main reason I was looking for Free Software companies abroad. After all the hassle I ended up here, at Transifex.

I have been playing around with Transifex codebase for a while and we’ve got to the point where my AWESOME code has proven to be useful enough to be included on Transifex.net. You’ll see soon what I am talking about 😉

Currently Transifex.org and Transifex.net are developed in separate branches. I am pushing forward addons system by separating some of the components from the core. This speeds up Transifex.org development because Transifex.net closed components will be pluggable and dependant on the Transifex.org core.

I have a little dungeon of my own here, perhaps you find something useful there, but probably not: http://v6sa.itcollege.ee/


Dimitris Glezos

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