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Dimitris Glezos
February 17, 2010
1 min read

So here goes my first, perhaps the last, EXTREMELY boring blog post:

Hello everybody! I’ve been working at Transifex for a month now but I think I haven’t introduced myself properly. I am Lauri Võsandi from Estonia, currently enrolled in Estonian IT College. I’m very much interested in Free Software and broader spectrum of ideas of that kind. That’s was the main reason I was looking for Free Software companies abroad. After all the hassle I ended up here, at Transifex.

I have been playing around with Transifex codebase for a while and we’ve got to the point where my AWESOME code has proven to be useful enough to be included on You’ll see soon what I am talking about 😉

Currently and are developed in separate branches. I am pushing forward addons system by separating some of the components from the core. This speeds up development because closed components will be pluggable and dependant on the core.

I have a little dungeon of my own here, perhaps you find something useful there, but probably not:


Dimitris Glezos

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