Supporting the Localization Vision

Dimitris Glezos
January 6, 2010
2 min read

The Transifex team wishes all its contributors Season’s Greetings. May the coming year be full of hope, happiness, love and peace for you.

We are grateful to have such a wonderful community that has helped us break down language barriers across the world by making localization and translation management accessible to everyone. And over the past year, you have allowed Transifex to become a part of your lives and, be an integral software in the creative outpourings. At Transifex, we feel incredibly privileged to receive that trust and we take this responsibility seriously. As you may have noted, this year, we have reached out to many free and open source projects and, this has enabled us to create a community that is rich in feedback and vibrant in praise. Along the way, we have also introduced newer features [1][2] into Transifex thus creating beautiful software which is fostered and nurtured by our beautiful community.

Through this mail/blog, we would request that you take some time to visit our Donation Page. And, if you know of a friend, a colleague or, someone who loves helping out FOSS projects, please feel free to pass this link along. We appreciate your support and, it would go a long way in enabling us to do what we started out when we made the first code pushes for Transifex.

Looking forward to your support, your trust but most importantly, your friendship. That is how we build a community and that is why we are a family.

Dimitris Glezos

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