New Features on Transifex.com

New Features on Transifex.com
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Dimitris Glezos
March 11, 2010
3 min read

With this update **developers’ and translators’** life just got easier with the bugfixes and the new features that are introduced!

Happiness for Translators

For all those people that sacrifice precious time in order to make our open source software available to bigger audience, the most wanted fix has now landed 🙂 The web editor (lotte) now has all the features that you have requested in the past. So by popular demand we proudly present with this update:

  1. Translated/Fuzzy/Untranslated strings (msgids) filtering
  2. Search inside the file for common strings
The online web editor in action
Lotte filtering in action. You can see it showing only untranslated strings. Instead of looking screen shoots why don’t you go ahead and try it live at http://www.transifex.net?

From now on translators can show off their work. In their publicly displayed profile Transifex presents their recent actions and most importantly where they contribute. To us is really important a translator getting all the credit(s) he deserves. For instance check my profile and recent actions. This actually is equally important to the developers since they can find out more information about a requester translator. Interestingly enough this also was a highly reputed/requested feature, so here it is 🙂

Joy For Developers

We couldn’t let the developer’s unhappy with this update.

A cool new feature partially spoiled by an earlier blog-post is the widgets page available on every project. This page provides information about the project translation status.

An example widget in action from the desktop-effects project.
An example widget in action from the desktop-effects project.

The timeline feature is here!  Timeline is used to help team members and us to know what milestones need to be achieved and under what time schedule. Currently this is just an advanced action log file filter but in the next update this will be integrated with a deadline work flow (similar to the collections release engineering work flow)

Common Merits

Finally Transifex search engine, from now on crawls more indepth information about our project and components, and for the near future we plan on migrating our search to haystack. So from now on Transifex searches for every string contained in Project and its sub-components and returns it. This query can now return more magic 🙂

Two Transifex userbars are now available for translators and developers to use it as they see fit. Also from this point we will start an open contest about cool Transifex related user-bars but more on that on the next post.

Also an announcement mechanism is implemented in order to provide useful information to all users.

Spam News

We decided to implement a newsletter in order not only to inform you periodically about new features server updates and more, but also in case of emergency (ie network/system outages) to be able to reach you. By default we have added all the existing users of transifex.net in this application, while new users can opt-out during their registration process.

If you are an already existing user and you hate newsletters please visit your profile page and unsubscribe from the newsletter list by clicking the Unsubscribe link:

Unsubscribe from the newsletter link in user profile”
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