Featured Project: Bitbucket

Dimitris Glezos
March 26, 2010
2 min read

Every second week a vote takes place at Transifex HQ to decide about a new featured project, according to our highly sophisticated decision making algorithm. Interestingly enough no big discussions took place there, since the vote was unanimous. The featured project of this week is Bitbucket.

Bitbucket is a service that offers Mercurial repository hosting. Many people consider it one of the best Mercurial repository hosting service, like  Alex Martelli, author of “Python in a Nutshell” stated:

Bitbucket’s mercurial hosting services are a great complement to the power and flexibility of mercurial itself. What I found particularly impressive is the speed and courtesy with which bitbucket responds to customer support and information requests — a “premium level” quality support experience!

Here at Transifex we use Bitbucket for our everyday development, and we are quite satisfied with it, its behavior and its performance. We couldn’t ask for more as a service. Bitbucket for Mercurial repositories is what Gmail is for email.

We are happy to cooperate with Bitbucket folks 🙂 They provide us infrastructure for development and we provide them means to reach more people. In few words: Open Source is a great collaboration platform 🙂

In other news, the Bitbucket translation teams have shown a terrific success in their work since in the past two weeks they managed to translate the whole website into 5 languages and have 2 more almost finished (over 50% completed).

Top translations: Bitbucket » translation

So welcome to the featured project’s class, Bitbucket! 🙂

Dimitris Glezos

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