Dimitris Glezos

Midnight Commander Tx Awesomeness!

Midnight Commander localization now happening on Transifex! w00t! So proud! =)

Midnight Commander on Sharp Zaurus

Midnight Commander is a popular file manager run from the console, offering a retro-like yet rich text user interface. Its popularity on the GNU/Linux platform is its excellent use of versatile text interfaces, such as Ncurses or S-Lang, which allow it to work on a regular console, inside an X Window terminal, over SSH connections and all kinds of remote shells. With extra goodies such as mouse support, it’s no wonder that it’s pretty popular as a lightweight file manager for the console (and not only).

Midnight Commander

So, if you’re using MC and don’t see your language on www.transifex.net/projects/p/mc/, get your hands dirty already!

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