Dimitris Glezos

Yo, yo yo! It’s 2010!

2009 was a very significant year for Transifex. In fact, it was its first full year with this name! New people have joined the crew, new ideas have landed, and so have lots of lines of source code.

Having learned a lot from 2009, we are now entering a brand new year, in which we’ll be seeing some big changes. Our HQ are moving to a bigger and more comfy office, new features are being cooked and are ready to be included in 0.8, and some HowTo videos have been prepared on how someone can use Transifex!

Here’s to a 2010, with more projects being served by Transifex than past years. 🙂 And to continuing to enable companies across the world leverage translation management to reach global audiences!

The best wishes to all from the Transifex crew.

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