1000+ Users on Transifex

Dimitris Glezos
February 17, 2010
2 min read

It is not long ago since diegito together with chef ninja had transifex.net SaaS started. It’s almost 6 months and with alot of new features built on the service. As of this blogpost, we’ve now reached 1000 registered (actually right now there are even more) users in the service since inception. All of this would not have been possible without members like yourself — active, helpful, friendly, supportive to FOSS projects and continually growing. According to our stats 880 people of those thousand have translated a project component for at least once while the average is 3.2 translations per user per month.

But this is not the reason for this post! During Carnival Celebration in Brazil and Greece where all developers and  supportive staff of transifex was out in the wild having fun, the transifex.net got its 1000th user. His name is Horst Gutmann[1][2] and he is from Graz, Austria (or Österreich 😉 ). He has already published his project django-flatblocks to transifex, which is a fork of the django-chunks. The approach Horst took to django-flatblocks was to include  caching, variable name chunk definition and other cool stuff.

Since we were in a really good mood (carnival,** lots of drinks_, _cheerful spirit**) we didn’t have to decide about anything in order to drop him the following email:

Hi there zerok,

First of all congratulations, you are the 1000-th user of transifex.
We would like to send you a t-shirt (just reply with the details where
to send it, as well as with the size (M, L , XL, XXL , etc)) Hopefully
this will be the case of http://xkcd.com/570/ 😛

So enjoy your teez Horst and enjoy the transifex localization platform as much as we do 🙂

So hooray ! And wish for the 10k users 🙂

SideNote: Actually we were hoping as in xkcd’s case to leave the shirt for a lucky guy in the office 😛

Dimitris Glezos
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