Transifex 0.3.2 Released

Transifex 0.3.2 Released
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Dimitris Glezos
January 29, 2009
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Today we released Transifex 0.3.2. Codenamed “As good as it gets”, 0.3.2 includes bugfixes and improvements contributed by our community of Transifex developers and translators. With each new feature release, our mission is to make your life easier throughout the translation management and localization process.

For a full list of features, check out the Release Notes. Tarballs and packages are available here and on the Python Cheese Shop.

To sum up how we feel about this new release, here’s a quote straight from our CEO Dimitris Glezos’ blog:

I realized today how good it feels right before a release. It’s something like the moment you fasten your seatbelt on the aeroplane before a trip. You know, after everything has been pack(ag)ed and transferred, you made it to your deadline (or changed flights), passed the security/QA. Just waiting for the take off. Satisfaction, planning newer, greater things.

Some Best Practices for Developers

Speaking of shipping new code and launching new features… we know that a developer’s role in the localization and translation management process can be a difficult one if you don’t have the right workflows in place. To help, we’ve put together a guide highlighting the practices that the best development teams put into place to streamline the localization process — from integrating localization into build cycles to tricks for avoiding string freezes. Download the free guide to learn more.


Dimitris Glezos
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