Summer Internships at Transifex

Dimitris Glezos
February 15, 2009
2 min read

I doubt whether it’s common for startups to have interns. While a lot of people believe an internship is a great way to spend the summer, not many managers believe in the effectiveness of internships for their own team. This is probably even worse at startups where budget is low and spending money is something done after quite some thinking.

Even so, at Transifex we’re launching a Summer Internship program for 2009. We believe deeply in new ideas and fresh people on our team, and internships are a great way to achieve this. Unlike bigger companies, we have more ideas waiting for developers to materialize than boring stuff to pass them on to our interns. We want to hire people for the summer who’ll sit with us and help us improve our products with their fresh view, and help us understand the needs of prospective new clients.

Last summer (fall, actually), with Transifex still being at its earliest stages, we worked with Diego. The outcome of Diego’s work was a solid translations statistics backend and a bunch of other features added to Transifex. Not long after finishing the internship, Diego has joined our team full-time.

So, if you’re a great software developer and believe in our vision of breaking down language barriers by making localization and translation management technology accessible to everyone… then take a look at our internship page. We’re looking for exceptionally bright people, who like picking up skills they don’t have, like wearing a lot of hats, and enjoy being challenged by the unknown.

Dimitris Glezos

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